Owned by the same family for no less than 30 years, the Palm Court has forged a fine
reputation as one of Scarborough's most renowned hotels.

The South Cliff area, in which the hotel proudly stands, initially grew to prominence in Victorian times.

Healing Waters

But it was the birth of Scarborough Spa in 1626 which literally put Scarborough and particularly the South Cliff area 'on the map'. A stream of acidic water running from one of the cliffs to the south of the town was found to have healing qualities, resulting in a flood of visitors to the town. Scarborough Spa became Britain's first seaside resort in 1660, but it was the opening of the Scarborough to York railway in 1845 which finally increased the tide of visitors.

Prosperous times

The first hotel was built in 1845, now known as the Crown Hotel, standing on the 'Esplanade'. Other hotels were to follow and the South Cliff prospered.

Under attack!

During World War One, the town was bombarded by German warships, an act which was to shock the British.


In June 1993 Scarborough, made headlines internationally when a landslip caused part of the Holbeck Hall Hotel and its gardens, to fall into the sea. Although the slip was shored up with rocks, and the land has long since turfed, evidence of the cliff's collapse can still be clearly seen from The Esplanade.

Scarborough and the South Cliff today

Having been granted government support, Scarborough is currently one of Yorkshire's 'Renaissance Towns' and a vibrant future is secured. Consequently, many classic Victorian buildings are being restored to their former glory alongside quality contemporary new-build architecture.

The rejuvenation continues with such facilities as a new casino, a flurry of restaurants and eateries appearing, along with major retail outlets opening their doors.

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